Google are innovating super fast.

There are lots of new tweaks to the format of the Google AdWords ads that are currently being tested, or are in the process of being rolled out.

Lets take a look at one of them: Introducing the Wonderful World of Sitelinks.

So what are Sitelinks? Do a search for “Officeworks” in Google, and you will see the following Google AdWords ad (ie sponsored listing).

If you expand the “+ Show map of Officeworks” you will then see a pretty informative map & office listing:

And yes, those blue links like “Order Reflex Paper” are indeed links, and go to very targeted landing pages. Pretty cool.

Now you’re probably thinking, “I want some”. And that’s not surprising. They have been shown to significantly increase click through rates!

Well there is good news and some bad news. Google is rolling out this functionality and you may see it in your account soon. However, it is not a functionality that you can choose yourself. Google decides if you qualify for sitelinks. Their wording “Ad Sitelinks will only appear for advertisers whose ads meet a certain high quality threshold”. Which means it’s usually only for branded terms (ie your business name) which have really high click through rates already.

To see if you qualify:

1. Login to your Google AdWords console

2. Go to Campaign Settings

3. Fifth menu item – you’ll see the “Ad Extensions” heading

4. You may see “Show additional links to my site” – then follow the instructions, where you can select the blue links you’d like to show on the ad.

Let us know how you go. What sort of click through rate improvement do you get?

And remember, even if you don’t have sitelinks enabled, you can still select the map extension to the ads. (Its also located under “Ad extensions”)

Google is looking at various other innovations to ad formats. So keep on your toes. We will post about some other innovations in the pipeline soon. But if you want to investigate further see Google’s AdWords innovation’s website.

By Philip Shaw


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  • David says:

    @Phil great post, obviously anything extra would draw attention but how does it affect conversion rates and how do advertisers stand out when everyone has these ad extensions?

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