1) Think about your ad images

‘How to write the best ad copy’ is a much-discussed topic, but images tend to get neglected. This really shouldn’t be the case as images play a MAJOR role in the success of your ad. It’s been proven (time and time again) that Facebook ads with images get much higher engagement than those without. You really should put just as much thought into your images as you do your ad copy.

It’s also time to get more scientific about the images you’re choosing. Keep testing out different images to find which give the best click-through rate and conversions. You can also add multiple images to a Facebook ad to add a bit of diversity and test how they perform. Here’s how.

2) Create unique landing pages

You shouldn’t (unless you have a great reason) connect a Facebook ad to your website without sending visitors through a purpose-built landing page first.

Landing pages maximize your Facebook advertising efforts by giving users more information before asking them to buy. It’s a good idea to make sure that you have killer landing pages set up before you activate your Facebook campaign.

Extra Tip: If your ad is simply asking users to ‘sign up’ – and you want them to be able to do so without going to another page – use Facebook lead ads. Lead ads allow people to complete forms without leaving Facebook, which is especially helpful for mobile users. Learn more about it here.

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3) Optimise for mobile

This is very simple: Facebook has 1.57 billion mobile users and 56.5% of Facebook’s total users ONLY log in via a mobile device. You can’t afford to ignore it.

Make sure you don’t miss out by using separate ad sets for desktop and mobile. Customising your ads for each platform is critical in this day and age.

It is not uncommon to review your stats for a campaign and see that 90% of visits were from mobile and only 10% desktop.

4) Take advantage of advanced targeting options.

Facebook has various fancy and powerful targeting options for paid ads – take advantage!

Targeting allows you to send your ads directly to the people who are likely to be most receptive. Get familiar with the advanced targeting options and you’ll massively increase your ad’s chances success (and save some budget too).

5) Create a unique ad for each audience

Facebook advertising allows you to create separate ad sets for unique audiences. In other words, you can create two different ads and deliver them to two entirely different audiences.
It’s definitely worth taking advantage of this if you have a varied target audience – just make sure you keep testing and tracking results so you know what works for each group.

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6. Use and re-use remarketing

You’ve been working so hard to get traffic to your website, don’t let it slip through your fingers. Retargeting is your second (and third and fourth and fifth) chance to capture the ones that got away.

Facebook has some wonderful retargeting options. Make sure to take advantage of their audience segmentation (where you can include/exclude specific pages & domains) as well as select the remarketing window length. It’s really very simple, but incredibly effective.

Facebook advertising is a powerful beast and, with a little practice, you’ll find you get some great results. Use the 6 simple tips above to improve your Facebook ad skills and get your A game on.

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